A Reminder about Sources: Check Them!

(Source: http://xkcd.com/1295/)


A Reminder about Plagiarism

Remember that you CANNOT use someone else’s words in your essay and pretend that they are yours. If you copy even one sentence (or more than three words) from someone else, you will get ZERO on the essay. When you quote or use statistics, always tell me where you got the information. e.g. According to …

Impressive Quotation Assignment

Here’s your next blog assignment, 441s!

I’d like you to find an impressive quotation online and post it on your blog. Please also find the original source of the quotation! You don’t have to share the website where you found the quotation for this assignment, but write the name of the book, poem, or speech that it came from.

Then comment on the quotation to explain why you like it or why it is impressive to you.

Here are a few examples!

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred, Lord Tennyson. In Memoriam

“Life is never fair… And perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.” – Oscar Wilde – An Ideal Husband

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs – Commencement Speech at Stanford University, 2005.

Remembrance Day Blog Entry

Hello 441s,

For this assignment, I’d like you to do a little research on Remembrance Day. I’d like you to write your response to the holiday: what you think is important about it or a comparison between it and a similar holiday in your country or any other thoughts you have about the day or the songs below. This can be one or more paragraphs. Write as much as you want. Due: Friday, November 15.

This is an important holiday in Canada, so it’s important to think about. Please watch the videos below and read the poem “In Flanders Fields”.

441 Term 6, 2013

I-write-my-heart-on-a-paper-writing-34664949-1600-1067Hello Writing 441!

Your first assignment during your lab time is to make a wordpress blog.

1. Go to wordpress.com and sign up to make your own free blog! You can choose your own theme and orgnanise it in any style that you want.

If you already made a wordpress blog in a class with me (or another ISEP teacher), you can use that one again.

2. Watch some of the instructional videos and start customising your blog.

3. Write your first Post: a short description of a place you like in Vancouver.

4. Comment on this post so that I can see your blog! Also, follow my blog and the blogs of your classmates. :)

Due Date: November 8, 2013